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Fri, 31st Dec - Sat, 1st Jan | Fayoum

Wadi El Rayan.100km

A 48 hour Rowing, Hiking & Camping Adventure


Welcome to the 48-life one of a kind Tough Hike across the Lakes of Fayoum, and the valley of the whales. On this voyage, we will hike across the Upper & the Lower Lakes of Wadi el Rayan on day 1 - a distance of 50 km; and on the second day we hike towards the valley of the whales through Samuel Dunes and Osour el Arab Rock Formations.

General Guidelines

This hike is fully supported, meaning you don't have to hike the full distance as you will be escorted by 4x4 in case you wish to call your hike off at anytime. 

Average walking speed is 4 km/h

You are expected to spend a total 14 hours unsheltered

12 hours of which are hiking, and 2 hours are divided into 4 main breaks

You will find your break spot every 12.5 km where you can load your tummy with tea, soup, snacks, and carbs. 

Voyage Brief
Friday - December 31st

5:30 AM Bus meet at Lebanon Square, Cairo
8:30 AM - Arrival to Fayoum - Wadi el Rayan's Upper Lake

9:00 AM - Navigation Brief, Tough Hike starts

You will cross the eastern side of the 2 main lakes of Wadi el Rayan

11:00 PM - Expected cut off time & Arrival to Campsite

11:00 PM - Dinner is served

12:00 AM - New Year's Midnight Party

Saturday - January 1st

6:00 am - Wake up call
7:00 am - Breakfast

8:00 am - Packing up Campsite​

9:00 am - Hiking 8 km to the Lower Lake

12:00 pm - Arrival to the Lower Lake

  • Stretch, Snack & Bathroom break at the Waterfalls

1:00 pm - Assigning boats

The Rowers

1:30 pm - Start Rowing 6 km south across the Lower Lake to Flamingo Watching spot
2:30 pm - Arrival & light lunch in water
3:30 pm - Start Rowing 8 km north against the current towards Ras Helal
4:30 pm - Arrival to Ras Helal

The Kayakers

1:30 pm - Start Kayaking 5 km south across the Upper Lake towards Modawara
2:30 pm - Hike 2 km towards Modawara
3:30 pm - Shuttle bus to Ras Helal

5:30 pm - Dinner Party at Ras Helal

7:00 pm - Bus back to Cairo

10:00 pm - Arrival to Cairo (ScullnBlades, Maadi)

Accompanying Guests

You're welcome to come along with any of our Rowing or Kayaking Voyagers without participating in any of the water activities. We will arrange you a 4x4 safari tour around Wadi el Rayan Natural Reserve then while they are in the water, before dropping you off to their water exit spots. You'll have the same program as theirs's on land including the 8-7 km hike on Day 2 between the Upper and Lower Lakes.

Packing Essentials:

  • Tent (Available for rent)

  • Sleeping Bag (Available for rent)

  • Head Torch (Available for rent)

  • Small pillow - recommended for extra comfortable sleep in the camping tents

  • Neoprene Shoes - To protect your feet while getting in and out of the boats by the Lakes Shores)

  • Power Bank - recommended as we will not have access to electricity

  • Wet Wipes & Tissue

  • Hiking / Sports Shoes

  • Refillable Water Bottle

If you don't have a Tent, a Sleeping Bag or a Headtorch, you can rent one from us.

However you must bring a your own neoprene shoes as we will not be providing any.

3800 EGP

Price Inclusions:

  • All Boats & Kayak Rentals

  • Rowing & Kayaking Coaches

  • A full board experience consisting of:

    • (Breakfast x1, Lunch x2 , Dinner x 2)

  • Snacks, Water, Juices & Soft Drinks

  • Accommodation in our independent Voyagers Campsite for guaranteed hygiene

  • Transportation to & from Cairo (ScullnBlades, Maadi)

  • All Permits & Safety Equipment

  • First Aid Kit

Price Exclusions:

  • Rentables:

    • Sleeping Bag - EGP 150

    • 1 Person Tent - EGP 250

    • 3-4 Person Tent - EGP 450

    • Headtorch - EGP 100

  • Bedouin Double Tent Upgrade - EGP 1000
    A furnished Bedouin Tent for 2 people
    (can only be confirmed once both guests confirm their payments)

  • Bedouin Single Tent Upgrade - EGP 2000
    A furnished Bedouin Tent for 1 person

Cancellation Policy:

  • Full Refund if you cancel 15 days before the voyage

  • 50% Refund if you cancel 14 to 8 days before the voyage

  • No Refund if you cancel within 7 days from the voyage

  • Refunds are proceeded within 14 working days

3800 EGP

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