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Are you new to this game?

We know exactly what you need to complete such a challenge.

What may seem hard on you - is easy on us, and for you everything starts from here.

You are a pro?

We know exactly how to pimp up your ride, and make it the most remarkable of them all .A Signature Gourmet Menu is the least you would expect ;)

Get ready for a new world of possibilities as you are just about to surprise yourself big time 

Galal Zekri-Chatila, Founder The Voyagers Company 

Voyage Expectations

In this Voyage, you can expect to Be One with the Road, the wind, the skies and the great outdoors.

This isn't just a cycling trip - You are literally Voyaging through one of Egypt's most scenic roads.

We cycle at a comfortable pace, with the wind. So you can expect a smooth ride with minor challenges.

Almost 100 km are ridden inside El Fayoum's most famous, and scenic national parks. Not only that the scenery will leave you astonished, but that the serenity will play its role into having you doing it again.

Food is one of the main aspects to a successful voyage, it's what brings us together, and what gives our day a delightful meaning.

Night Desert Parties are always an essential to any cycling voyage.

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Map & Itinerary

We meet at Lebanon Square in Cairo at 6 am. After checking-in with us, we'll take you on a 1 hour drive to the Qarun Natural Reserve, where we'll start our ride.

Bicycle fitting & general safety guidelines are provided before the start of the ride. Our 1st day's ride of 40 km can take 3-4 hours. The scenery will let you forget about the distance or the speed, and you will be left to enjoy the serenity at its best. Before we know it, you'll arrive at our campsite overlooking Lake Qarun.

We will normally have a couple of breaks where we'll have some snacks and fill our water from the back of our support vehicle or our mobile food truck. 

Arriving to our camping site, we set up camp, light up our fire, and let the party and the barbecue begin.

Upgrading from camping to a hut or to a room in one of The Tunis Village Lodges and Hotels is also available.​





A delightful breakfast would be served right after sunrise, then we head more south towards the second national park of Wadi el Rayan where you'll cycle in one of Egypt's most scenic roads.


The day's distance will be around 60 km ending at the Magic Lake, where you can spend the rest of the day Sand Boarding down the surrounding sand dunes, Quad Biking in the desert, or maybe you decide to have a quick visit to Wadi El Hitan.

Your extra excursions after completing your

100 km bike ride is left to your choice. You might also consider chilling to the beats of the ultimate silence.

After a proper Zarb Dinner (Bedouin underground cooking technique), we head back by buses at 8:00 PM to arrive to Cairo at around 11:00 PM

You can also choose to stay the night at the Magic Lake or Zowara (Huts available).


2500 EGP

Next voyages
7-8 October
21-22 October

  • Different Date Options will show in our Booking Form

  • Make sure you check our Terms & Conditions

Feeling Hesitant?

It takes a first step to become a pro, just like

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with

a single step"

Terms & Conditions




Price Inclusions:

  • A Menu consisting of:

    • (Breakfast x1, Lunch x2 , Barbecue Dinner x 2)

  • Snacks, Water, Juices & Soft Drinks

  • Accommodation in tents in our independent Voyagers Campsite for guaranteed hygiene

  • Transportation back from Wadi El Rayan to Cairo (Lebanon Square)

  • Transportation of the bikes back to Cairo (Maadi) - bicycle pickup the day after arrival.

  • All Permits & Safety Equipment

  • First Aid Kit

  • Road Support Vehicle(s) & Bike Mechanic

  • Cycling Guidance along the way for beginners

Price Exclusions:

  • Rentables:

    • Bicycle - EGP 500​

    • Helmet - EGP 50

    • Sleeping Bag - EGP 150

    • 1 Person Tent - EGP 250

    • 3-4 Person Tent - EGP 450

    • Headtorch - EGP 100

  • Flat Tires - EGP 100 each​

Cancellation Policy:

  • Full Refund if you cancel 15 days before the voyage

  • 50% Refund if you cancel 14 to 8 days before the voyage

  • No Refund if you cancel within 7 days from the voyage

  • Refunds are proceeded within 14 working days


Frequently asked questions

Do I have to train before this voyage?

It's always better to be prepared just for you to enjoy a more comfortable ride​, but if you don't have the time to train, and can complete 10 km cycling or a 5 km run, then you don't need to worry.

This is my first time to cycle for a long distance, I only tried to cycle between 10km & 20 km

Having cycled for 10 or 20 km means that you probably spent an hour or more on the bicycle before, which means that you are well prepared to try out the extra mile. Bear in mind that the bicycle you used might not be as competent as the one you will rent form us, and that the guidance we give on the way will help you ride a lot more efficiently. ​

I smoke cigarettes, would this limit me from completing the 100 km mark?​

Smoking definitely affects your health greatly, but it doesn't mean that you can't complete this challenge - On The NS Crossing (1000 km bicycle expedition from Cairo to Shalatin), we get a lot of smokers, and they all complete the full challenge without a worry, they might not perform well on uphills, but this shouldn't refrain you from giving yourself the chance to get on a healthier routine, take this voyage as a step for you to adapt this healthier routine.​

I don't have a bicycle​

You can rent from us​.

Can I join the trip with my mountain bicycle / hybrid bicycle​?

You can join this voyage on your mountain bike only if you are an experienced rider, and know what you are doing as the effort exerted to push that heavy piece of equipment is 4 times the effort you would put on our road bikes. So unless you know what you are doing, better to serve yourself the energy by renting our light weight road bikes.​

What type of terrain are we riding on?​

The gravel of the Fayoum Desert Road and the Regional Ring Road​is of very good condition, once we enter both National Parks, the gravel isn't as smooth yet it's quiet comfortable. Our route on Day 1 by the lake of Qaroun will be interrupted by some sand dunes, where we will have to push our bikes just for a few meters.

I don't know how to ride a bicycle, and would love to join you on the road​

Our NS Crossing Hero "Sama Fikry" didn't know how to ride a bicycle 2 months before the 1000 km expedition, she committed to train herself, and yes she made it :) So start now, and join us as soon as you know how to handle your balance.​

Can I bring a pet?​

Please contact us if you would like to bring your pet, as it will depend on the size of our Voyagers' Pack, and if the pack wouldn't mind.​

Can I bring my kids?​

Of course you can, there isn't a better reward than sharing these precious ​moments with your loved ones.



Our Safety Guidelines are LAW 

Your Responsibility:

  • You must have your Helmet on at all times

  • You must keep the distance between yourself and other riders

  • Never cross a rider from the right, and always communicate

  • Communicate all obstacles ahead

  • Always stay on the extreme right of the road

  • Stop between intersections until the pack regroups

  • In case of emergency, don't panic - let our leaders do their job

On Ground Escort & First Responders:

  • Our Crew Members are Firs Aid Certified

  • An up to date First Aid kit is on all Voyagers' personnel

  • You are escorted by a backup car, van, or truck during this voyage (amount of vehicles depends on group size)

Emergency Response (Cairo Headquarters):

  • Our Founder & CEO has invested in the most reliable GPS, Satellite phone units in order to ensure an unbreakable channel between the leaders and the HQ

  • We are ready to deploy as many escorts as you can imagine in case of emergency - our fleet is always ready to respond, our network is unlimited

  • You can leave this phone number to all your loved ones in case you were unreachable during your voyage

What to pack