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Eat, Sleep, live on a sailing yacht for 3 days at sea. 

Learn the basics of Sailing, and be one with the wind & the sea



Everyday is a new destination, a new coral reef. A new Activity; Snorkeling, Dolphin Spotting & Fishing.


Dance & Chill

We chill by the sunrise, dance & swim all day - chill by sunset, dance again by moonlight. 



Belong to Nature

Wind, Sun & Sea

Map & Itinerary

Total Sailing DST: 15 km – 2 hours

09:00 AM Meet in El Gouna

10:00 AM Intro to Safety guidelines, & Boat Briefing then SAIL

01:00 PM Arrival to El Aerg coral reef to snorkel, The Floaties Party

02:30 PM Lunch is served then switch to the sunset beats

08:00 PM Dinner is served (Night Party on deck in the open sea)







-Wind Powered-


Total Sailing DST: 25 km – 4 hours

09:00 AM Early Breakfast

10:00 AM Sail towards Suyul Island (Race Format)

02:00 PM Arrival to Suyul Island ( The 3 Yachts Race Party)

The Island is only accessible by swimming, Main logistics are on the Sailboats

03:00 PM Lunch is served then it’s up to the group to decide whether we sleep in the same spot, or head towards Tawila Island (1 hour sailing)

08:00 PM Dinner is served (The Last Night Party)


Total Sailing DST: 30 km – 4 hours

10:00 AM Late Breakfast then start sailing back to El Gouna

01:00 PM Arrival to Bayoud or Odeit El Deir (for snorkeling & chilling)

05:30 PM Arrival to El Gouna

06:30 PM Checkout



Map Red Sea Sailing.png

Weather at sea

The Red Sea is one of the most visited seas due to the overall stability of its weather conditions.


Weather in Summer: Stable, Hot & Sunny which lets you enjoy the long daylights, long swims & snorkelling sessions. At night the cabins will be too hot, so expect to sleep on deck under the stars.


Weather in Winter: Mostly Stable, Warm in the morning, cold at night. This weather is perfect for adventure seekers as the combination of the wind, rain, and clouds makes you sail like a pro. At night you will find warmth inside the cabins.

THE Boats' interior


German Made - Hanse 385, Model 2015

Capacity 6 Voyagers


Boat consists of:

  • 3 Cabins (1 Front Cabin, 2 Back Cabins)

  • 1 Bathroom

  • 1 Open Kitchen (Fridge, Burner, Stove)

  • Deck Space that fits up to 13 people

Package Includes:

  • Boat Fee for 3 days

  • Captain & Voyagers Personnel

  • Non-alcoholic beverages 

  • Meals:

    • Breakfast x2​

    • Lunch x3

    • Dinner x2

  • Bathroom Supplies & Disinfectants ​

EGP 8900

Cover Gigi copy.png