. Gigi - 6 persons yacht

. Gaia6 persons yacht

. Sophia - 8 persons yacht



 On the 3 boats combined

Voyage Expectations

In this Voyage, you can expect to become one with the sea, the wind and the great outdoors.

This isn't just a sea trip - You are literally Voyaging at sea

It's all wind powered, so you can only imagine how calm and chill it can be on an easy day - and how adventurous it turns out to be on a windy day.

You will learn the basics of sailing throughout the trip, at night you will learn more about the stars as well as their usage in navigation. 

Food is one of the main aspects to a successful voyage, it's what brings us together, and what gives our day a delightful meaning. Night Sea Parties are always an essential to any sea voyage.

Map & Itinerary

We sail off Abydos Marina/El Gouna between 9 and 10 AM. First day is chill so that you can get a smooth introduction on the different factors involving sailing. 

Al Irg coral reef is usually a 2 hours sail from El Gouna, there we spend our day, and an overnight.




A breathtaking sunrise will set you right in the mood, you might find yourself snoozing until 9 am when breakfast is supposed to be ready.

Between the morning coffee, and a fresh dip - you should be ready to sail away to Tawila islands by 11 am. The 4 hours sail involves a lot of tacks, get yourself engaged in the charts, helming the boat, and learning the technique of harnessing the wind. Another magical sunset, and another night onboard will be enough to set your brain in its chillest zone. Unwind, and let the sea, and the wind do their magic.


Last Sunrise, last breakfast, yet you still have a long day ahead. Now we sail downwind to check Oteit El Deir where you might be lucky to spot and swim with the dolphins. Expected arrival to the marina is 1 hour before sunset.







-Wind Powered-


You can book any of our boats

Privately for You

More Details

Choose how would you like to voyage?

Solo Traveler / Small Group

Here you will share your trip with other voyagers

Whether you are coming on your own, with a friend, or with your group, in this package you will be part of our Voyagers' tailored experiences.

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Private Group

The boat is yours, just for you and your group

You don't have to be 6 on a boat to book it privately. It might be more cost efficient, yet booking the boat just for 2 will guarantee a super luxurious experience.

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like a Boss

Scheduled Voyages

Here you will get to share the boat with other Voyagers on any of the scheduled dates below :



We Sail Every Weekend

per person

  • All meals (Breakfast x2, Lunch x2, Dinner x2)

  • Non-alcoholic beverages throughout the entire trip

  • The Sailboat Fee & The Disinfection Process

  • A professional Sea Captain (sleeping on deck)

  • An Assistant Sea Captain (sleeping on deck)

  • All Permits

  • All Safety Equipment & Hygiene Products

  • First Aid Kit

  • The night before the start of the trip is complimentary


Cancellation Policy

  • Fully refundable 30 days prior to the voyage

  • 50% refundable 21 days prior to the voyage

  • Non refundable within 20 days prior to the voyage

  • This policy is strictly applied unless there is a storm that can't enable us to venture in the outdoors, or in case of new regulations enforced due to Covid-19


  • Tips & Gratitude

  • Any Equipment for rental (masks, fins, etc..) or any add-ons (Check next slide)

  • VAT 14%

  • Transportation - Gouna is quite accessible and we can arrange your transportation if needed

Weather at sea

The Red Sea is one of the most visited seas due to the overall stability of its weather conditions.


Weather in Summer: Stable, Hot & Sunny which lets you enjoy the long daylights, long swims & snorkelling sessions. At night the cabins will be too hot, so expect to sleep on deck under the stars.


Weather in Winter: Mostly Stable, Warm in the morning, cold at night. This weather is perfect for adventure seekers as the combination of the wind, rain, and clouds makes you sail like a pro. At night you will find warmth inside the cabins.

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