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Have The Boat for yourselves, and
Sail The Red Sea like never before
-El Gouna's Islands-

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CuStomize it All



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Group Size

Pick a Boat

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 BEST In Comfort 


Max. capacity:

6 Persons

Gigi Charter Price

1 Day - EGP 8000

2 Days - 17000

3 Days - EGP 25000

Cover Gaia copy.png


Max. capacity:

6 Persons

Gaia Charter Price

1 Day - EGP 7000

2 Days - 16000

3 Days - EGP 21500

Cover Sophia copy.png


Max. capacity:

8 Persons

Sophia Charter Price

1 Day - EGP 8000

2 Days - 18000

3 Days - EGP 26000

Map & Itinerary -

Our Original 3 Day Program

We sail off Abydos Marina/El Gouna between 9 and 10 AM. First day is chill so that you can get a smooth introduction on the different factors involving sailing. 

Al Irg coral reef is usually a 2 hours sail from El Gouna, there we spend our day, and an overnight.







-Wind Powered-


A breathtaking sunrise will set you right in the mood, you might find yourself snoozing until 9 am when breakfast is supposed to be ready.

Between the morning coffee, and a fresh dip - you should be ready to sail away to Tawila islands by 11 am. The 4 hours sail involves a lot of tacks, get yourself engaged in the charts, helming the boat, and learning the technique of harnessing the wind. Another magical sunset, and another night onboard will be enough to set your brain in its chillest zone. Unwind, and let the sea, and the wind do their magic.


Last Sunrise, last breakfast, yet you still have a long day ahead. Now we sail downwind to check Oteit El Deir where you might be lucky to spot and swim with the dolphins. Expected arrival to the marina is 1 hour before sunset.



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Terms & Conditions

As Voyagers we will go far and beyond to assure you have the best experience there is. Please make sure you communicate with the team both in the HQ and Onboard any of your concerns on the spot - Meeting your preferences is our team's highest priority.

Below are some cases in which we will need to cancel a trip:

1. Cancellation policy for bad weather
In the case that the weather conditions are extreme, preventing the boat from operating, here are the options we provide:


Alternative Date:

Offering you an alternative date, the change of date does not imply any reduction or increase in the rate or conditions.


Refunds for bad weather:
In the event that the weather conditions prevent us from operating a safe trip and we can not find an alternative date, we will proceed with a full refund. The refund will be made by bank transfer (excluding the transfer fee).


What would we consider bad weather conditions?

Bad weather conditions are those that either prevent the boat from leaving its base or that avert the boat trip from being carried out with full guarantees of safety and  a fair level of comfort for our customers. Please remember that you are booking a sailing adventure in the outdoors - an extreme condition is implied on what puts you in danger, and not necessarily what might be slightly uncomfortable. 

Examples of bad weather conditions:
Strong wind forecast with speeds exceeding 20 knots (37 km/h)

Examples of weather conditions that are NOT bad:
A "Too Hot" and/or a "No Wind" Condition get uncomfortable specially when combined. This isn't considered extreme as you can definitely still enjoy your time in the water.

2. Policy for cancellations by the client

In the event that the client, due to any circumstances, including unexpected and uncontrollable situations, could not carry on with the booked excursion, or the rental, client would lose partial or the total amount paid depending on the following:

Cancelling 2 or more weeks before the date booked. 70% of the payment will be refunded
Cancelling within 14 days before the date booked, no refund applies
In the event that the client has several boats hired and for any type of cause the number of passengers is less than expected, the customer will not be entitled to any refund, nor reduction in the total price of all reserved boats. 

3. Change of date

We know how hard it is to organize a trip with friends and have them all abide by the schedule.
Any changes of date confirmed more than 14 days in advance will be charge-free only once. However, if this change is requested within 10 to 14 days, a surcharge of 30% will be deducted. If the change of the date happens within 10 days before departure, a no refund is applied. 

Terms & Conditions
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